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Crypto is an exclusive new track from Gareth Emery and Ashley Wallbridge, connected to a prototype of an entirely new way for artists to be paid.

Gareth Emery and Ashley Wallbridge

Press play and watch as your stream triggers a payment in NOTES, the crypto-currency that powers Choon, to the Smart Record Contract assigned to the track.

Current Listeners


Total Streams


Total NOTES Earned


The NOTES are split automatically and transparently:
(These totals are live)

Gareth Emery

{{primaryShareFixed()}}NTS Image

Gareth co-wrote the track so he has agreed to a split of earnings with Ashley, his co-author.

42.5% Revenue Share

Ashley Wallbridge

{{primaryShareFixed()}}NTS Image

Ashley is the other musician involved in the creation of the track, he's splitting the majority of the revenue with Gareth.

42.5% Revenue Share

Bjorn Niclas

{{secondaryShareFixed()}}NTS Image

Bjorn is managing the collaboration, so everyone has agreed he should get 15% of earnings from the track.

15% Revenue Share

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Technical Details

See the Code

Review the Solidity smart contract that runs on the Ethereum blockchain and powers the revenue split happening above.

See the Code on GitHub
See the Deployed Contract

You can view the current status, balance and activity of the smart contract governing the distribution of royalties for this track.

See the Contract on Etherscan

Smart Record Contracts — Details

Choon is built on the Ethereum blockchain, a decentralized ledger similar to Bitcoin but that can run arbitrary computer code. In our case, that code automatically and transparently divides royalties among artists involved in a music track.

The Choon service is structured to allow low transaction fees while maintaining a decentralized, trustless currency for payments. This is accomplished using a system with four components:

The NOTES ERC20 Token — A standard ERC20 token contract that allows full decentralized ownerership of the NOTES token. This contract is visible on the blockchain here.

The Choon Streaming Server — This is the server that streams music to fans and operates much like any other server on the internet. It tracks streams and authorizes payments by issuing vouchers that can be redeemed via the Choon Server Contract.

The Choon Server Contract — A contract on the blockchain controls a number of NOTES and can redeem vouchers for payment. These payments flow to artists or to Smart Record Contracts that distribute payments to artists, as authorized by the Choon servers. Here are the transactions the Choon contract has authorized based on streams of "Crypto":

To Address NOTES Paid Transaction

Any number of Smart Record Conctracts — These contracts are able to receive payment from the Choon Server Contract and distribute payments to the artists involved as appropriate. Artists can be paid as often as they wish. Here are the transactions the Smart Record Contract for "Crypto" has made to Gareth, Ashley and Bjorn:

To Address NOTES Paid Transaction

When combined, these components make it possible for the first time to pay artists what they are owed in an efficient and transparent way. More details are in the whitepaper, and be sure to sign up to the mailing list above to hear all the latest news.

Voucherable Tokens

Choon is using a system that we're calling "Voucherable Tokens" to provide trustless, low fee payments to artists.

Based on the concept of State Channels, this will allow artists to request a signed voucher from the Choon server that authorizes a payment of NOTES to the beneficiary account listed for the track.

These vouchers are free for the server to generate as they do not require a transaction, but they also guarantee payment to the artist and allow the artist to decide on the tradeoff between transaction fees and frequency of payments.